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Q: Why has the University gone smoke free?

As a leading health research organisation, the University is committed to aligning its Safety and Health policy and practises with our current health research knowledge and objectives. It is known that there is no safe level of exposure to tobacco smoke, and even low levels of exposure to second-hand smoke put non smokers at risk. Under the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984, Curtin as an employer has a duty of care to “so far as is practicable, provide and maintain a working environment in which the employees of the employer (“the employees”) are not exposed to hazards” such as second-hand cigarette smoke.

Q: Have all campuses gone smoke free?

Not all Curtin campuses are smoke free, only those in Western Australia.

Q: Does the smoke free law apply to staff and student housing as well?

Yes, the Curtin bylaws also cover housing that is owned by the University.

Q: Are there any designated smoking areas on campus?

No, you are not able to smoke anywhere on Western Australian Curtin campuses including buildings and outdoor areas. If you need to smoke you will need to leave the campus.

Q: What should I do if i see someone smoking on campus?

All staff, students and visitors are encouraged to remind others that Curtin is now a smoke-free campus. If you find you have a regular issue at a particular location please contact Health, Safety and Emergency Management on 9266 4900.

Q: What do I do if smokers get aggressive when I remind them we are a smoke free campus?

If you experience an aggressive response, the incident should be reported to Curtin Security on ext:4444.

Q: Is there an appropriate or recommended avenue we can take as a staff member if we find that a particular group of other staff members are persistent in their smoking habits on campus and refuse to respond to the (good-natured but clear!) reminders we give?

If you know who the staff member(s) is, you can report them to Health, Safety and Emergency Management at or their manager or Security.

Q: People are smoking on campus in many locations in the plain sight of other people and also in hidden corners. What else is being done to stop this behaviour?

Yes, it seems that there are still a number of people still smoking on campus despite the ban, which is disappointing. Curtin Security patrol the campus and identified hotspots regularly, and approach any smokers they see to inform them of the by-laws (especially new students), they may issue warnings and fines to repeat offenders as necessary. Unfortunately, it is often the case that the culprits ‘vanish’ when they see Security which makes it difficult. This being said, we are looking at alternative solutions to stop these informal smoking areas and we will communicate and implement these solutions once approved by the University Executives.

Q: What else can we do to stop staff from breaching this policy?

Managers and supervisors play an important part in managing compliance with Curtin policies (or in this case by-laws). Executive managers are expecting all line managers and supervisors will support the Smoke Free initiative and will manage any staff member who breach the by-laws in their areas of responsibility. The Smoke Free by-law also requires the support of all staff. Staff that observe smokers are encouraged to approach them and politely remind them of the by-law.

Q: Are there penalties applied to Curtin students or staff for smoking on campus?

Yes there are. As this is a by-law, Security (and any other party approved by the Vice Chancellor) can issue an infringement notice up to $100 per infringement.

Q: Have students been reminded of this too?

Yes, a similar notice outlining the Smokefree requirements has gone out to students on WA campuses.

Q: Cigarette butts are creating an issue with rubbish in a number of areas, what can be done about this?

If you notice an accumulation of cigarette butts in any particular area, please contact Health, Safety and Emergency Management to advise of the location as this may be a new ‘hotspot’ and to check for additional signage requirements. Also report this to Janitors on ext:2032 to have the area cleared of butts.

Q: Do we need more signs around the place to remind people?

A number of strategies have been and will continue to be implemented to communicate the Smoke-Free message. So far we have installed over 1500 signs around the Bentley campus alone and are installing new signs as hotspots are identified (by notifications from people such as yourselves) and replace signs that have been removed or vandalised.

Q: What support is offered to smokers who are endeavouring to quit?

A number of options are available to those endeavouring to quit. Visit our support page for more information.

Q: Are e-cigarettes permitted on campus?

Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) and other personal vapour devices are not permitted to be used on campus. For more information please view the Cancer Council Position Statement on Electronic cigarettes.

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